PURPOSE: Art using optically active materials.

DESCRIPTION: The above art work contains the following layers, from rear to front: a fluorescent light, a rotating polaroid, a diffuser, a collage of optically active materials, and a polarized sheet. The POLAGE consists of the collage and the polaroid sheet mounted together. When the rear polaroid rotates, the picture changes between a butterfly and a cocoon (as shown in the photographs above), while the caterpiller at the lower right changes color.

SUGGESTIONS: A second POLAGE is also available.

REFERENCES: (PIRA 6H35.57) See Demonstration Reference File for further information on this artwork medium, including descriptive material by the artist, Austine Wood. Also visit her really slick web site: http://www.austine.com.

EQUIPMENT: POLAGE "Swallowtail" on special light box.


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