PURPOSE:Detailed demonstration of color mixing.

DESCRIPTION: The three-projector color mixing gizmo from demonstration N3-02 is used to match a variety of colors by adjusting the relative intensities of the primary color components. The colors to be matched are produced by a series of slides on an overhead projector and displayed on the screen beside the mixture which is being adjusted.

Wratten filters are used to produce these colors and mixtures because they are the purest and most adequately documented color slides. The primary colors are three of these filters which are positioned near the corners of the chromaticity diagram. The colors to be matched lie along the lines between the primary filters, so that they can be readily produced by mixing various levels of the primary colors.

Included with this demonstration is a nice transparency of the chromaticity diagram showing where all of the filters used in this demonstration lie.


REFERENCES: (PIRA unknown.) See Demonstration Reference File for information on the filters, information on the chromaticity diagram, and further references on color mixing.

EQUIPMENT: Three projector color mixing device with primary color Wratten primary filters, arrays of color filters along lines between the primary colors on the chromaticity diagram, and transparency locating all filters on the chromaticity diagram.

SETUP TIME: 5 min.

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