PURPOSE: To demonstrate the construction and the operation of AC and DC motors.

DESCRIPTION: This setup can be used to create either an AC or a DC motor. Connect 12 volt power supply both to the field coils and to the armature coils through a commutator.

A DC motor uses the split ring commutator. Turn on the power supply and start with a small push. Reversing the polarity of the power supply reverses the direction of the motor. The armature voltage can be seen on the meter.

An AC motor uses the double-ring commutator. Reversing the switch twice per rotation of the coil mimics an AC power source.

NOTE: Please avoid destruction of the coils by turning off the power supply when you are through.



EQUIPMENT: AC/DC generator with 12 volt power supply and double-pole double-throw switch, voltmeter.

SETUP TIME: 5 min.

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