PURPOSE: Demonstrate creation of three-dimensional effects using red and blue images.

DESCRIPTION: A double bright point source with red and blue filters, as shown in the drawing below, is used to shadow a crystal model from behind on the lecture hall rear projection screen. Observers in the lecture hall wearing red/blue 3D goggles see apparent three dimensional motion of the crystal when the crystal is either rotated or moved back and forth between the sources and the screen.

A slick variation can be carried out as follows: Shadow your hand in the lights as you pretend to grab at the projectors. Your hand will appear to the group to get very large and grab at them! This gets a great response every time.

This technique has been used for 3D TV movies. We have an example of this, a monster movie, in our video file.



EQUIPMENT: Bright point source of light with red and blue filters and crystal model, box of 3D red/blue goggles for students.


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