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Suggestions for further work

The power of adaptive (or neural network based) pre-processing has been demonstrated in this project. However only a small fraction of the available potential has been utilized, as evident from the very high performances of the BASE_LINE system in training. There is no doubt that the system has very good function approximation properties. But the other properties required from a system used in ASR, such as generalization ability, shift invariance, and temporal pattern extraction ability, are yet to be improved. Typically the improvement of one such property may lead to the degradation of another. Therefore ways must be found by which all those properties can be improved simultaneously, or at least one can be improved with minimum effect to the others. In addition to system improvements, the problem domain in which the system is intended to be used, has to be widened. This project deals with only the isolated mode speech recognition. Since the isolated recognition has only limited applications, it is highly desirable that the system can be modified to handle continuous speech. With those ideas in mind, some suggestions for further work, has been given in the following.

Narada Warakagoda
Fri May 10 20:35:10 MET DST 1996

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