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Contributions from this work

In this project we have shown the feasibility and capability of hybrid HMM-ANN recognizer with adaptive pre-processing. An emphasis was given to the efficient methods for the implementation of the adaptive pre-processing part. Main contributions from this work, carried out with that central theme, are as follows.

  1. Recurrent network formulation of the short time Fourier transform and its implementation
  2. Idea of Hartley time and frequency adaptation, instead of the Hartley angle which leads to a considerable reduction of parameters
  3. Formulation of the hypothesis on the inter-relations among shift invariance, symmetrical weight distributions and Hartley & Fourier transforms.
  4. Idea of the rotated version of a Gaussian filter bank
  5. Comparative evaluation of performances of the ASR systems, with pre-processing parts under various conditions

Narada Warakagoda
Fri May 10 20:35:10 MET DST 1996

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